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The benefits of ISOFastTrack

You can, of course, hire a professional to help with your CSR issues. But then you will lose money. Why?

Cost saving

You save the cost of an expensive consultant. Furthermore with ISOFastTrack you save  on working hours of yourself and your employees. And time is money.

Save time

Reading the complicated ISO 26000 guideline is no longer necessary.


Implementation of the action plan delivers profit. Your work is going to be more efficient.


With ISOFastTrack you get expert advice and smart tools. Combined in one easy-to-use system. Still got questions? Then you just call or mail the helpdesk.

No double work

You can specify which standards your organization already has. For example ISO 9001 or ISO 14001. The questions that apply to these standards are marked in  the system so that you know that your organization has dealt with these questions already. This prevents duplication.


After approval of your action plan you will receive the System Assurance Certificate, which indicate that your CSR action plan is ambitious and feasible. You are arguably engaged in CSR.

Keep on track

You can continue to improve as the action objectives have been achieved. These actions remains visible in the system as completed. You can also choose to set higher goals or other actions/targets. This makes ISOFastTrack an infinite process that constantly takes care of improvement within your organization.