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Because CSR means profit. Profit because of insight in your organization, improvement of the image, cost reduction and improvement of the motivation of the staff.

Furthermore you are prepared for questions of clients, you have a forerunner position and you meet the demands of customers who want sustainable products and services.


ISO 26000

ISO 26000 is the international guidance on social responsibility. ISOFastTrack is an online application which helps with implementing and monitoring your CSR policy. Small to medium-sized organizations implement CSR on an effective and quick way. With help of ISOFastTrack you create your CSR action and management plan within 5 steps and based on ISO 26000. This results in receiving the CSR Assurance Certificate, your own CSR self-declaration. And all done by yourself without the help of an external consultant.   


The guideline ISO 26000 is  translated into active and simple questions. This saves you the time to read the whole guideline. Every question is provided with an explanation, examples and sometimes even template documents which you can easily use. All of this can be found in the online helpdesk which also works as a forum to ask questions to advisors and other users. It’s all about asking and sharing, learn from each other in the online helpdesk.

ISOFastTrack makes it easy for you to focus on the opportunities which CSR/ISO 26000 offers,  you can create your CSR actions to end up with your own CSR policy.  

The only thing you need is:

  • Time to answer the questions
  • Courage to seize the opportunities that CSR/ISO 26000 offers
  • Dare to show your transparency