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About ISOFastTrack


The challenge to get a better balance between people, planet and performance is the basis for ISOFastTrack. Are you ready for the challenge with us?



In 2009 ACVO training and advice came in contact with the ISO 26000, the international guideline for corporate social responsibility. ACVI was fan of this guideline right from the start and have written and given several trainings. Pretty soon they had linked the guideline with existing standards and guidelines such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In their consultingwork, they always apply the rule that guidelines are intended to improve an organization and not to become an administrative burden.  


The company saw opportunities for ISO 26000 to make it available online for organizations so that they can actually start theirself with CSR. The threshold to start with CSR / ISO 26000 is high because it is often being presented comprehensive, big and difficult.


ACVO was and it convinced that digitization is the new future, therefore ISO 26000 is made available online.


The beginning of ISOFastTrack depends on coincides. Because our business partner Jan Henningsen came in contact in the USA with an owner of an IT company with the ambition to create an online system for guidelines and standards, the ball was rolling. In January 2011 Oene and Taco from ACVO travelled to London to discuss their wishes concerning an online application. This resulted in the development of ISOFastTrack halfway 2011.


ISOFastTrack is now a private entity with many partners on specific areas of the ISO 26000.