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If you have done all the five steps in ISOFastTrack and you have drawn up a CSR action plan you will receive the Assurance System Certificate.

What exactly does this mean?

The ISOFastTrack team, consisting of experts on all of the core subject of CSR, has looked into your CSR-action plan. They will check the plan on opportunities in the branche, did you chose actions that are relevant and important for your branche? Besides that they will check all of your questions to make sure that you understood the questions correctly and you didn’t miss any business opportunity. Issues that the team checks are:

  • Are deadlines feasible?
  • Are actions set from each core subject?
  • Did you miss any action that is important for your branche? If yes, we advise to choose this action.
  • Are all the address details filled in as well as a mission and vision for your organization?
  • Are the given answers correct comparing to the questions? In other words, did you understand the questions?

What is the value of the certificate?

The System Assurance Certificate is YOUR CSR self-declaration. The ISOFastTrack Team declares that you have knowledge of the ISO 26000, that you have perceived the opportunities and developments and made your CSR action plan for the next year based on the international guideline ISO 26000.

Show your performance!

The certificate shows the community that your organization is busy with implementing CSR, that your organization has made a CSR action plan. You will receive a certificate on paper.


Furthermore you receive a banner for your website. We advise to write down really well what your CSR policy is and to place it, next to the ISOFastTrack banner, on the website. With this you give a clear signal to the community that your organization thinks highly of CSR and that you are busy with implementing it.