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Meet the people behind ISOFastTrack

This is the team that is working every day on getting a better balance between people, planet en performance.

  • Karolien van Tilburg - director/co-owner


    ‘Honesty is one of the main words from CSR as far as I’m concerned. If we keep doing the things like we do now, there will be no future. We have tot hink smarter, work and act smarter with means and people. The P of People attracts me most, when everyone is feeling well with his/her work we can move mountains together and the whole community will benefit from it (business and private area). Environment has my interest, it is and will be a sport to drive as far as possible in my electric Renault Zoe. Doing voluntary work, be ready to help people that need help, considering what you are buying and for what price. That’s where CSR starts.
    I make the ISO 26000 practical and applicable for each entrepreneur, from small to large-sized companies!’




    Karolien is responsible for all the operational tasks of ISOFastTrack. Everywhere and always concerned is typical for her.


  • Wietse Venema - advisor/co-owner

    'I am pilot with KLM and see daily from above, the impacts of global climate change. And also in the flight operation I notice the difference from 25 years ago in the weather picture on our planet.
    This explains my passion for energy reduction and other environmental measures.
    As a foster father and through other volunteer work I'm involved in the society, you do not only live for yourself.
    By providing information through workshops and trainings I help entrepreneurs gain insight into the various social developments and how they can respond. But also how they can change themselves from profit-motivation to create value for themselves and their surroundings. We must accept our responsibility, do not stop at what you must do, but do what you can and what might be expected of you. Always aim at a higher ambition.'

    Wietse is a passionate spokesperson on CSR in all its facets. Wietse is responsible for the content of the courses and instructs with passion in days 1 and 4 of the CSR Challenge.

  • Oene Venema - advisor/co-owner

    "CSR is about opportunities for your business, actually the term Social Responsibility fits much better. Go beyond minimum requirements and expectations. Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.
    CSR is the default and should be the default for any business.
    From my years of experience in (water) soil remediation, I realize deeply that we have to change our ways for a better future. Now is the time to take action. From your own DNA, which suits you as a company and how can you can save for the future? We have already taken enough credit.
    In our house, we have incorporated as much sustainable options as possible, there is so much possible, if you want to see it. "

    As co-author of the book 'New Business Models " by prof. Jan Jonker (Radboud University), Oene like to look over borders.
    Oene is an enthusiastic 'teacher' during day two of the CSR Challenge.

  • Suraj Yadav - Product manager

    Suraj leds the software team in India. As software architect/consultant he has got his experience in several domains: media, entertainment, catering, retail and more. His main motive is to spread digitization everywhere. Together with the team in the Netherlands he is responsible for the software behind ISOFastTrack. 

  • Taco Buissant des Amorie - expert

    ‘A guideline or standard is developed to make business easier for entrepreneurs and to ensure a certain level of quality. I put my effort in making this clear to entrepreneurs. Then a standard is not achieved for the certificate but to improve the company. I prefer to integrate all the handbooks, the less paperwork the better. To implement the ISO 26000 within is my passion.’


    Taco supports the team with his knowledge in the application and advices clients on request.


  • Jan Henningsen – co-owner

    An international consultant with lots of experience in advising companies about marketing and operational structures. He flies all over the world, with emphasis on Asian countries, where CSR is already used for years to improve companies. With his broad experience and global reach, he ensures ISOFastTrack has been designed to meet the needs of business in today’s competitive global marketplace.